If you’re reading this page you’re likely to be employed or looking for employment, and probably wondering how max-i-mize could possibly help you.
The changing nature of employment The days where we could expect to work for the same company for the whole of our working life, get a regular pay rise and for our employer to look after our training and development have gone. The individual needs to be in control more than ever before. The Internet has and is creating a more and more connected world. Digital and technology are enabling a revolution of employment and the way companies and organisations are structured and run. Once in a job, it’s unlikely that you will remain with the same employer and it’s more than likely that you will change careers over the course of your life. Length of service will not guarantee increased income and chances of promotion. You’ll have to compete for jobs in an extremely competitive global market. If you don’t continuously add value and keep up to date, you are in danger of losing your job. Regular tests across a board range of skills and knowledge are to be expected. Having multiple income streams at the same time will become more common. You will need to act more as a business in your own right, even if you work for someone else. All of this sounds a bit scary, but it isn’t for those who are prepared and embrace the change! There is a massive global skills gap and more and more shareholders and business/organisation leaders want to ensure they have the best people. How can max-i-mize help you? You are the only person who governs your future it is and should be yours … this is a key belief we have at max-i-mize, and so it is our mission to put you in control of your life, and your career … this involves 3 key services 1.Understanding yourself 2. Strategising and planning 3. Learning key business skills to help you move, learn, progress Let max-i-mize be your central career management tool so that you can finally take charge … we are creating a central hub that links together the great companies and individuals that can help you learn and develop in engaging, fun and rewarding ways.
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