The Business of You

The Business of You involves 1. thinking and developing yourself as a business 2. developing key business capabilities –  skills, knowledge, experience that are needed irrespective of your chosen career 3. developing occupational capabilities – skills, knowledge, experience and networks that are needed for your chosen career. These 3 areas together create your ‘Overall Proposition’. Your Overall Proposition determines your worth and attractiveness to employers. Here you can find books  that could help you to develop your Overall Proposition.

1. Thinking and developing yourself as a business

Working for yourself and entrepreneurship
Understanding the capabilities companies are looking for
Creating your proposition
Developing a success mentality
Creating your own brand
Marketing and selling yourself
Finding the right company for you
Having multiple jobs and income
Mastering interviews and tests
Negotiating your contract and package
Starting at a new company
Agreeing your objectives and work deliverables
Building your network
Building your support network
Understanding HR
Don’t just talk, deliver
Your business finance and investment
Digital and technology for your business

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