The Challenge.

It’s all to easy to step and stay on the conveyor belt of life where our teachers and bosses tell us what we need to learn and how to develop. Unfortunately the ability of the teachers and bosses we get, in many cases, is very much down to pot luck and they may not always have our best interests at heart. This can limit the speed at which we develop and grow.

As the economic, social and cultural environment we live in is becoming more complex and competitive, we can no longer afford for others to direct our lives and careers. We need to be in control, act as savvy businesses in our own right, invest in our development, and learn and be mentored from the best people as possible.

As a new and exciting initiative, max-i-mize was born out of the concern from numerous organisations, employers and governments across the world who have highlighted the need to revolutionise education and lifelong learning; together with the desire from individuals to get advice and have a place to manage their careers over the course of their lives that is school/university and employer neutral.

How we want to help you.

We want to help you realise your dreams and have the happiest and most fulfilling career as possible.

Who are we for?

max-i-mize is for people of all ages and career stages whether at school, college, university or work who are ambitious and want to get the most out of life.

What’s in it for you?

We would like to help you take control of your life, master business and progress in your chosen career. After all, you only have one shot at life!

What will we offer? 

We want to give you access to the tools, resources and people to help you in 3 areas.

1. Understand yourself

2. Career Strategy & Management

3. The Business of YOU

Think of max-i-mize as the place to take control and manage your career throughout your life

max-i-mize for students

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max-i-mize for people in employment

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You’ve got one shot at life, max-i-mize it!

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